How does it work?. I am a parent, what do I have to do?. Tips from a (before) preoccupied father.

Using Zapatoons is very easy, just get in the system with your username and password and push play.


The platform will give you access to:

  • A daily playlist between 60 to 90 minutes long.

  • Available from 1 to 12 years old. We´ll accompany you while your kids grow.

  • Contents are filtered and adapted to your kid´s age, so you can relax while they watch the cartoons. We selected them pedagogically to adapt them to the scholar curriculum. We´ll be working the same subjects that they are working at school.

  • You can watch previous days playlist if you run out of content.


Zapatoons can be watch in mobile devices, tablets, pc´s and Smart Tv through the search engine. You can also use screen mirroring from your mobile to your Smart Tv


What do I have to do?. How do I use Zapatoons. 3 essential tips for preoccupied parents::


Zapatoons is not a chore...It´s just watching cartoons!. They  don´t need to finish the playlist or watch it entirely every single day. Simply, if they are going to watch cartoons, make it in English and adapted to their age.


The switch must be complete. Under no circumstance you should play any cartoons in Spanish, never!. In this, we need your help. The first days will be more difficult and you could hear complaints,  but from then on they will get used and that problem will disappear forever. If you alternate languages, there will be always complaints because they will find Spanish more comfortable. The best option is no option. At home, cartoons must be in English. If your child starts with Zapa when barely a year old, they won't notice it and it will be really, really easy.


My kids don´t want to watch the cartoons in English, they complaint. Don´t worry, it´s ok, don´t force them. If they don´t want to watch it, it´s fine. You let it playing while they play,´ll see how little by little they´ll watch them and accept they are in English. For this to work  it depends on your perseverance, but do not force them or struggle with them. Everything should be natural and progressive. Remember, at home cartoons always in English with Zapa!