Zapa says: "Don´t make your kids suffer while learning English, it´s much better if they have fun. Why should they struggle with it if they can learn it having fun?"

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Myth and reality

About language learning

Zapa´s Dream

Zapa is just an ordinary bird, one with wings but so young that he has barely started to flutter them but he’s a little nervous and likes discovering new things. He’s always moving from one place to the other, he is interested in the world and he’s especially interested in its inhabitants. What funny, exceptional beings they are!



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Zapatoons ciudad

How does it work and tips

How does it work?. I am a parent, what do I have to do?.

Tips from a (before) preoccupied father.

One doubt

Why does it work?

Zapatoons is not an intuition or a logic process. This method it´s validated by multiple authors and theoretical foundations in linguistics acquisition processes, phonetics, and behavioral psychology.


Zapatoons´Club.  I´m a school.

Zapatoons wants to work hand in hand with the schools, to adapt to them better and  to collaborate in the huge enterprise they have been doing for many years.

If you are a school, or AMPA, or just a father interested that wants their school to join, contact here!

Why should it be my school in Zapatoons Club?

  • Gives prestige to the school, offering since kindergarten an innovative project in language acquiring, efficient, that will improve the English level of ALL the students without any cost for the school.

  • We´ll adapt the contents to the yearly teacher´s  plan

  • The school we´ll have access to the pedagogical files of each episode to use them in the classroom.

  • They´ll have access to the students user records

  • We´ll give a banner and hours of visualization counter for the school´s webpage

  • The Zapatoons team will present the project to the parents, we´ll give them personal customer service and follow up of the project.

  • The school and the students will participate in promotions.



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