Zapa´s Dream



Zapa is just an ordinary bird, one with wings but so young that he has barely started to flutter them but he’s a little nervous and likes discovering new things.

He’s always moving from one place to the other, he is interested in the world and he’s especially interested in its inhabitants. What funny, exceptional beings they are!

On his different excursions, he meets lots of new birds! Some look like their parents, others....well, they don’t look anything like them!! Big ones, very small ones, with four legs or hundreds of them, with normal heads or without beaks ... Just how many different types are there?

Zapa’s always curious and approaches these new birds to say hello. He talks to them to know why they are different, how they are getting on and to tell them things about himself ....but there’s a problem, these birds are not only very different, they also speak very strangely! Zapa is small and does not speak very well, he often does not even understand his parents, but what he hears during his trips...that's not talking! It all sounds like Chinese to him!!! Despite this, Zapa still loves to discover new things.

Another thing that Zapa likes is to sleep, Well, it is not that he actually likes to sleep, what Zapa really likes is to dream!
While he’s sleeping, Zapa dreams that, apart from being able to fly, he also has super powers that nobody knows about and so he needs to use them with care!! He dreams that he can talk to all the creatures in the world, he knows all their names, knows about any problems they might have and, more importantly, he knows just what to do to help them.